The Eternity Series Info

Short Synopsis:

This is a fantasy series, which features a horde of contrasting and powerful characters. There are humans, soldiers, vampires, immortals, angels and demons who all come together like we’ve never seen them before. And they’re about to be at war. The balance of the immortal world is off, and so each person is working to change that. The series shows how these people come to be a part of the war from each point of view. This means that the “bad guy” isn’t so obvious. Moral of the series: there’s always another side to the story…

About the Vampires:

  • Predators.
  • Powers: healing, strength, speed, durability and agility, Possession, mediumship, tracking, superhuman senses, night vision, immortality
  • Feed on blood for strength and survival
  • Fangs, talons, stressed skin and blood tears when satisfied
  • Poor relationships with others
  • Created by Demons
  • The Empire is their safe haven

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About the Immortals:

  • Mental based immortals
  • Powers: healing, strength, durability, stamina, Insight, teleportation, aura sensing
  • Created by Angels, cursed by Demons
  • Obsession with causing pain
  • Unity is their strong suit
  • Mismatched eye colour


About the Angels & Demons:

  • Angels live and work in Quondam – the Above World
  • Demons live and work in the Underworld
  • Demons have 3 types: The Winged (fallen Angels); The Imprinted (evil people from Earth sentenced to eternal damnation); and The Colossi (giant, grand Demons).
  • Angels have 4 job sectors: Guardianship (given a Child of Earth to protect); Growth (help the three worlds move towards better things); Balance (keeping good and evil balanced); and Peacekeeping (battle).
  • Hierarchy in Quondam: Arch Angels (the creators who wield the elements); The Elders’ Circle (govern the three worlds); Working Angels (do the jobs listed above); Civilians (Angels who simply live in Quondam peacefully).
  • The Underworld is split into three sectors: The Frozen Valleys (icy plains); Inferno City (fiery broken domain where most Demons dwell); and The Barren Wastelands (where nothingness and loss is all to be found in order to torture).
  • Hierarchy of the Underworld: Angels (they visit and keep the Demons in check where necessary, whilst allowing them to do their job); Demon Kings (they commandeer lands, gather armies and operate in the Underworld as royalty and cause issues on Earth through their own needs and wants); The Winged (as they are fallen Angels, they are very powerful and do the most damage); The Imprinted (they are just evil Demon who do bad things, usually end up as minions to other Demons); Colossi (they are the most powerful, but the most rare, they’re locked away by Angels so they can’t do much).


Books available:

  1. Ash Born – in Amazon for £3.44 eBook, £10.92 paperback and available in other countries too. This is the introduction to the series, where we meet Letti and Kaizen, along with their families, and are introduced to the problems they’ll face. This book concentrates on growth through adversity to build the characters.
  2. Guardians Rise – in Amazon for £3.48 eBook and £9.99 paperback. In this sequel, we meet a lot more characters on the other sides of the war, and come to know why they’re fighting. There’s a lot more fantasy, powers, worlds and new species introduced.


Key Characters:

  • Letti Marie Kane: Starts the series at 18 years old; human; the Heroine – creator of The Blue Rose
  • Kaizen Leonardo D’Anna: SECRET INFO; hero; Letti’s love interest
  • Bellemere Anastasia Kane: Letti’s mother; SECRET INFO
  • William “Sphinx” Thomas: Vampire; over 500 years old; SECRET INFO
  • Blair Jaxon: Vampire; over 500 years old; SECRET INFO
  • Bethany Ricen: Angel; Quondam born; Letti’s Guardian Angel; Rising Star
  • Symphany Elena D’Anna: SECRET INFO; Letti’s best friend
  • Phoebe Sole: Guardian; starts the series are 15 years old; Fifth Division; the whole family are Guardians and Grandfather was the founder of the organisation
  • Christian Hansen: Guardian; starts the series at 16 years old; Fifth Division; Rising Star
  • Damon Verona: Guardian; Leading Officier of the Sixth Division; 26 years old
  • Andrelle Romanov: Vampire; over 800 years old; Empress of the Vampire Empire aka The Black Wood
  • Cyrus Romanov: Vampire; over 600 years old; Heir to the Empire
  • Kaemon Romanov: Vampire; over 800 years old; The Emperor of the Black Wood
  • Stefa Bakowski: Infinite; over 300 years old; SECRET INFO

Visit my YouTube videos to hear from the characters! And of course get your copy of the remastered No Secrets – Ash Born

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