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So, as an avid writer and budding author, I am always writing something or another. As much as I know I shouldn’t tell you what books I’m writing, or planning to, I just can’t help myself! You’re great fans of mine, or simply curious people if you’re on my site, and so I feel like you deserve some special information about me and my work, so here it is…


“What I Know So Far”

This is an autobiography of my life so far with a little twist. I know that I am a young author, but I had to write about my experiences whilst I’m at this pivotal stage in my life in order to help other twenty-somethings going through a quarter-life crisis like me. It’s full of humour, embarrassing stories, sad stories, inspiring stories and life lessons. Enjoy.


“Elle Evans”

This is a children’s fantasy book series that I have not long been working on. This book will feature a group of young Angels, navigating the world of Quondam (from the Eternity Series) whilst growing up. They will face monsters, dark angels, segregation, bullies, unfathomable power, three worlds, and of course young love. How will it all work out for young Angels Elle, Callan, Seferian, and Drayce?


“How Africa Changed Me” (online-only publication)

This one is pretty much what it sounds like – it’s my account of my time in Africa. It was a wacky experience and so I am sharing it with you guys for you to laugh, cry, be inspired and think about what it all meant – just as I have.


Eternity Series Book 3

Duh, if you haven’t read Ash Born or Guardians Rise by now, I don’t even know what you’re still doing reading this sentence…

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