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This page is dedicated to just my pride and joy – my novels. I hope you can venture into one of my books, especially my YA Fantasy Series. Take my word for it, it’s awesome!

“Ash Born” -Book One Eternity Series:

Ash Born 1“Urban, Dark Fantasy.

Three worlds.

Seven species.

One war and one girl to change everything…

Letti Kane has always been an outsider. Perhaps this was why she foolishly fell for the dangerous Kaizen D’Anna at first sight. However, mingling with the D’Anna family will mean discovering the dark secrets of her own. Secrets of which are catching up to Letti’s mother, the infamous Bellemere Kane.

Unknown predators from her mother’s past are forcing Letti into the darkness that exists right under her nose. Once exposed, what will it mean for Letti though? What is her place going to be in this unforgiving world? Scared, betrayed and losing herself along the way, Letti must find her inner strength before it’s too late.

As she’s thrust deeper into these perilous realms, her mother has only one question on her mind: will the inferno of their world and the upcoming war consume Letti altogether, or will she rise from the ashes?

“The world isn’t big enough for all of us.”

Ash Born is a Young Adult, Paranormal Fantasy novel filled with mystery, romance and angst..”

Ash Born – £1.99



“Guardians Rise” Book Two Eternity Series:
Guardians Rise 2.jpg“The war has begun.

Now that Letti has been dragged into the immortal world, she must find where she fits with these potent creatures. She has the strength but will she find her reason to fight?

This sequel to Ash Born brings forth a horde of new characters, as we witness what is happening on the opposing sides of the war:

Cyrus Romanov – Vampire Royalty in The Empire Bethany Ricen – Elder Angel in Quondam Phoebe Sole – Young Guardian in their organisation.

The main characters are faced with their own trials and suffering, but perhaps Letti’s story is worst of all. Someone has messed with her life once again, this time dangerously testing her relationship with Kaizen. During this time, Letti takes off to discover why the war is necessary, meeting people who call these dark worlds home along the way. Whilst they’re all preoccupied, it is the Guardians who are making important moves that will affect them all. With their grand hierarchy and uniquely manufactured weaponry, what will it mean when the guardians rise? “Together we purge the darkness.” Guardians Rise, the second book in the Eternity Series, is a Young Adult, Paranormal Fantasy novel filled with mystery, romance, action and angst.

Get Your Copy Now £1.99


Latest Publication: “From My Suffering: 25 Ways to Break the Chains of Anxiety, Depression & Stress”

From_My_Suffering_2_Cover_for_Kindle (1)I’ve recently published this self-help book about dealing with stress, anxiety, fear, hardships, mild depression, sadness, change, and general life struggles. I’ve used a calm, neutral tone for the book because as a sufferer, I feel it’s better to learn from someone who’s A, been there. B, isn’t a big talking professional. And C, is someone who uses everyday life to get you there. This is my aim.

Get yourself a copy now:

Your Copy Starts From £3.10

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