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This page is dedicated to just my pride and joys – my novels. I hope you can venture into one of my books, especially my series. Take my word for it, it’s awesome!

Latest Publication: “From My Suffering: 25 Ways to Break the Chains of Anxiety, Depression & Stress”

From_My_Suffering_2_Cover_for_Kindle (1)I’ve recently published this self-help book about dealing with stress, anxiety, fear, hardships, mild depression, sadness, change, and general life struggles. I’ve used a calm, neutral tone for the book because as a sufferer, I feel it’s better to learn from someone who’s A, been there. B, isn’t a big talking professional. And C, is someone who uses everyday life to get you there. This is my aim.

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“Ash Born” -Book One Eternity Series:

Ash Born 1“Urban, Dark Fantasy.

Picture this: Vampires decaying into their true undead form under the power of the sun. Immortals, their natural enemy, teleporting all over the world as they hide away. Demons with shredded, black wings cursing both species. Whilst the Angels, and their complex hierarchy, govern the 3 worlds and it’s many species. Oh, and not forgetting the human soldiers who are trying to protect the human race from it all.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. There’s only one human who matters most and that’s our heroine, Letti Kane. She had no idea that these beasts existed, until now. The whispers of the immortal world is growing louder now that Kaizen D’Anna has swept Letti off her feet. But that’s not all. Unknown predators, Vampires Sphinx and Blair, have come to harm Letti and expose her family’s dark secrets. Torn between her own family and Kaizen’s, Letti is made to question who she is and who she wants to be.

Why are they fighting you may ask? Well they have seen so many heartbreaking things; done so many evil things purely because they have the ability to do so. And powerful, broken people are dangerous. The pending war seems adamant to draw Letti into its fiery inferno, but will she fall or will she be born from the ashes?

“The world isn’t big enough for all of us.”

Ash Born – £1.99



“Guardians Rise” Book Two Eternity Series:
Guardians Rise 2.jpgHow did Letti survive being murdered? More importantly, perhaps, who was it that murdered her?
As hard as it may be to believe, this isn’t the biggest plot point for book two in the series. Try the uniquely manufactured swords known as the Aiken Blade, fashioned by Guardians in the Artillery department to kill Vampires. Or how about the vastness of the Guardian organisation with its 10 Divisions, each with 10 Squads, officers and Leading Officers. Then there’s their slick uniforms, weaponry and a HQ building hidden far away where they capture and imprison highly valued criminals. Rising Guardians Phoebe and Christian show readers what it means to take on such a responsibility.
And if the Guardians aren’t enough, maybe finally seeing the world of Quondam in all its glory will entice. Bethany Ricen takes us through the beatific wonderlands sectioned into the Outer Ring, Orchid Kingdom, the Northern Arch’s Ministry and the South.

Not intrigued yet? Try The Empire, where we meet Emperor Kaemon and Empress Andrelle Romanov, who government the Vampire world with their seven children. They house Vampires, erect armies and build clans to keep everyone safe, happy and thriving. From their schooling at Bravos Academy, to gladiator tournaments, to war meetings and visits to the Under World, readers finally see why the Vampires dominate. Heir to the throne, Cyrus Romanov shares his tale.

All the while, Letti is finding her reason to fight. Though her hands have been forced, Letti still needs to find her inner resolve – will she find it in time? What will it mean when a jealous character steals her memory of Kaizen? Are the powers growing inside her enough for what’s to come?

Whilst all the potent beasts are caught up in their own trials, it is the Guardians that are moving. Find out what it will mean for the war when the tables are turned and the Guardians Rise.

“Together we purge the darkness.”

Get Your Copy Now £1.99

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