Author S. R. CrawfordHey! I’m S.R. Crawford, a twenty-something author in the UK! Currently, I have three books available on Amazon, two of which are a part of the epic Eternity Series – a fantasy, multiple point of view, war, coming of age series.

My latest publication is a self-help book/guide to breaking the chains of anxiety, depression, and stress.

Aside from being a passionate author, I am also trying to make small but important changes in this world. By speaking up. By saying or writing what needs to be shared. By helping others grow and change for the better. And creating…always.

Don’t forget to follow me on my social networks, too, on the Follow Me page. Need my services as a writer or editor? Then check out my Freelance Writing site. Interested in my fantasy books on Amazon? See Ash Born! Need some extra help with coping? Check out You’re As Mad As I Am .

Please, feel free to explore further…

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