My new children’s fantasy series!

Introducing my new children’s fantasy series!

Hey, everyone. I hope you are well, I know I am! I am super excited to tell you all, finally, that I am planning to write a children’s book series. By “children’s book” I actually mean like Harry Potter – it was once for children, but teenagers, adults, grandmas and dogs can all enjoy it!

My new fantasy book series will follow a young Angel called Elle, who lives in the world of Quondam. Yes, you have heard of this world before if you have read the Eternity Series (my other fantasy series, that’s for young adults). I am setting this new series in the world of Quondam; the world “above” Earth.

Elle and her friends are children, and everyone knows that young Angels are far too strong and untamed to be running around Quondam with their unruly powers. This is why young Angels must go to school to learn how to control and focus their powers, whilst also learning about the three worlds and where they fit into them.

Their school is hidden on Earth in order to keep the children safe, for their powers are weakened when on Earth, away from the blessing of Quondam’s wonderful, alive energy. However, Elle doesn’t quite fit in because she’s not from a normal Angel family and she’s not as strong, and smart, and experienced as the other children. It’s ok, though, because she has her new best friend – Seferian.

Seferian is a spritely young boy, who is in touch with his emotions and connects with Elle like no one else does. Elle suddenly thinks school isn’t so bad. She tries her best and doesn’t give up – even when she finds out that she only has one wing, and is bullied for it.

However, things take a turn when children start to go missing at the school. Who has taken them and why? What do Elle and her friends have to do with it? What will it mean for Elle, their school, and Quondam as a whole? What is it all leading up to?

And if that’s not enough, there’s even more questions to be answered…

  • Will Elle ever find out what her feelings towards the mysterious green-eyed girl mean?
  • Will Seferian make his family proud, compared to his incredibly popular older brother, Drayce?
  • Will Callan, the green-eyed girl, learn what it means to laugh and love again?
  • Will Elle, the clumsy, dishevelled girl, find the world of Quondam and explore its endless, fantastical lands?

Stay tuned for when I publish teasers and updates on my progress! I can’t wait to see where the story goes…

In the meantime, why not start with the Eternity Series (if you’re of age) so that you can be introduced to the great world of Quondam and some powerful beings?

Take care, everyone.


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