Some Quick Book Updates…

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The Eternity Series has been revamped! The Books have changed names from:

“No Secrets” to “Ash Born” & “Bloodstained Betrayal” to “Guardians Rise”

Check out the new covers, edited content and cheap cheap prices!



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My book has travelled the world!! A copy of the older version (No Secrets) has travelled the world to Zimbabwe and is now being read by someone who lives there. I feel so happy to know that my books are being enjoyed by people all over the world. Baby steps, but significant ones. Thank you all x


The third book in the Eternity Series, Beasts Collide, is in working progress. Watch this space for teasers.


Meet some of the Eternity Series’ Main Characters in the meantime…

Introducing Bellemere Kane, Letti Kane, Sphinx Thomas, Bethany Ricen, the Guardians, Christian Hansen and Andrelle Romanov…


Halloween Promotion



Interested? Get your copy of Ash Born now!



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