“I Bleed” Rap/Poem About Anxiety

Hi, I randomly started to think of a rap today as I walked to work, and next thing I knew I felt like it needed to be heard by others. And so as embarrassing as it is, I had to share this to help raise awareness, share my thoughts and feelings and also show that other sufferers aren’t alone.

Thanks for watching!

Written rap/poem:

I Bleed

I bleed in front of you today
And pray that you don’t judge me,
The in and outs are fuzzy
But I hope that you keep up and see.


People dare to ask me
Why I’m scared of striking lightning
It’s cuz I understand the world
And it’s just a lil bit frightening.


“People with Anxiety
Be super intelligent”
Well I say to them that
Your theory is irrelevant.
What element
Of my weakness
Is it that you commend?
Don’t pretend,
That you don’t know me,
Anxiety is no friend.


It might be
My head
Is tryna fight me.
But stop see
Do you know
What’s real
And what is fantasy?


I don’t. Huh.


And don’t you dare tell me,
That you’re right and I’m wrong,
We don’t hear
The same song.
You don’t know
Where I’m from.
I gotta walk,
on my own.


But no,
This ain’t how it was supposed to go.
As a kid,
Would my hand shake, so?


Got me thinking exactly when,
Was it that I fell,
Victim to such
A darkened and empty shell.


You could never understand,
The strength that it take to conjure
Such ideas and crazy concepts
The limits are a wonder.
How fabulous?
Twisted though they may seem.
Do you see
How dangerous it can be to dream?


So I close my eyes,
And pray for a better day,
Positive thoughts is the answer
Or so they might say.


I beg you please,
How could you possibly know
How rid my mind of thoughts
That for years just won’t go?


They leech
They prey.
They devour.
They slay.


But you keep telling me,
Like you could ever understand
You ignorance is disgusting
So follow this command


Not felt it
Then don’t talk
Not heard them?
Then just walk…
On up out of my life
You do not know my strife.
Your pity just saddens
Your advice just maddens.

So hush.


I’m sorry.


I got a bit angry,
And I have to say
I apologise

That I we born this way.

If this video resonated with you deeply, and you seek further help then visit the Mental Health Help page on my website for more info and support. Best wishes.


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