The Start of the #HeFeels Movement 2016

Since the release of my book, I have had people pop up to me to congratulate me on my work surrounding mental health… But so many times have people then gone on to say that they’ve lost loved ones to suicide because of mental illness. And guess what? They’re all men.
So I now speak to you, men and boys of the world…
Please, if you feel brave enough – SPEAK OUT.
You could be saving a life by doing such a simple thing. I know that it is hard to speak up, but only we can break the stigma. We have nothing to be ashamed of. Feelings, emotions, mental illness, fear, depression, whatever it is – it’s all normal, human things.
We’re all just humans. Not just women, and so you’re allowed to speak up and say that you’re hurting.
And most importantly, seek the help you need without any fear.
So how’s this done? With my #HeFeels movement. Upload photos, videos, recordings, tweets, statuses, artwork, whatever – just use the #HeFeels in the description & the visual, too, if possible.
Again, speaking out could save a little boy, or a father’s life. Show him he’s not alone, today.


I help sufferers with mental illlnesses – all types of depression and anxiety mostly… And some of them are MEN!




Here’s some examples from men and boys…



Let’s get this movement started! It starts with you, so please…try to help us…try to help yourself.


Much love,


S. R. Crawford






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